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Automatic packaging machinery

Core Benefits

Specialized in vacuum packaging, sealing and packing, shrink packaging, non-standard automation and other products

  • Pre-sales consulting services Pre-sales consulting services

    We have professional technicians to introduce our technology and equipment for customers in detail, actively understand the specific needs of users, recommend the corresponding equipment, implement trial materials and related technical preparation, and improve technical parameters.

  • Construction & Installation Construction & Installation

    Coordinate the installation of the user's equipment and the construction of the existing site, inform the user of the production speed and production quality. Ensure the progress of user's project and equipment manufacturing for synchronous coordination. Quickly handle unexpected events and maintain good communication with users.

  • Strictly industry standards Strictly industry standards

    We have accumulated rich experience in the industry by continuously exploring and exploring, and can customize according to customers' needs to meet their diversified needs and improve product production efficiency.

  • Perfect after-sales service Perfect after-sales service

    Our company implements 48-hour service maintenance, that is, we must answer the user's questions within the first 24 hours of receiving the user's message, and if we cannot solve the problem on the phone, we will rush to the user's site within the next 24 hours to solve the problem and fully protect the interests of our customers.

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Contact:Mr. Zhang Tel:+86 512-6754 1952 Phone:+86180 5111 2238 Address: No.2 Shuangdeng Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
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