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After Sales Service

After Sales Service


  In order to provide perfect and considerate service to customers and eliminate customers' worries. Our company has developed a perfect after-sales service system and effective after-sales service measures, and opened a special after-sales service hotline to provide users with satisfactory answers to questions and technical support; and has an after-sales service department to make regular visits to customers. At present, our company has more than ten professional after-sales service engineers as a strong after-sales service team to provide guarantee for your after-sales service. Our company makes the following maintenance service commitments to you, and provides maintenance services to you in accordance with the requirements of this service commitment.

  I. One-year limited warranty for the machine

  From the date of your purchase (subject to the official purchase date), the machine is free of charge for one year (except for wearing parts: such as sealing and cutting knife, high-temperature tape, heating wire, hot ironing head, etc.).

  Second, the service hotline

  Tel: 0512-67541952

  Cell phone: 15962167267 Lin Gong

  Three, after-sales process

  1, after the successful installation and commissioning of the machine, the company recorded in the customer file, send staff professional after-sales service engineers responsible for technical tracking service, regular tracking machine use. You can call our phone or notify us in writing after the machine is reported to be defective, we will contact you by phone within 1 hour after receiving the notification to understand the detailed causes of the failure and determine the door-to-door repair time, the cost of the door-to-door for foreign customers is calculated additionally.

  2、After-sales service engineer will do a detailed inspection of the machine first, and then introduce to you the detailed cause of the failure, and then repair the machine after repair, you confirm the completion of the repair and sign on the after-sales service operation form to determine.

  IV. Door-to-door maintenance time

Service Type    Service Method    Details Response time
Remote Technical Support Hotline Support Users can connect to the service line: 0512-67541952 for telephone consultation, after-sales service department maintenance engineers will provide technical questions and answers. Within 2 hours
Video Instruction According to the user's problem, timely processing plan and online guidance operation Within 2 hours
On-site Services On-site maintenance For users who cannot be troubleshoot by remote technical support, maintenance engineers will be dispatched to the user's site for troubleshooting as requested by the user. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas Within 24 hours
Other areas Within 48 hours
Service Quality Control Return visit service The person in charge of the customer service department will make return visits to each household from time to time to understand the service situation Month End
Complaint Line Set up a complaint line, if you need to complain at any time call 0512-67541952 Instant


 V. Exemption from warranty obligations

  For the following reasons resulting in machine failure, abnormal work or damage, our company does not assume free warranty obligations, please choose a paid service.

  1、When your machine exceeds the warranty period.

  2, when you do not use and maintain the machine according to the instructions or man-made damage.

  3、Natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquake, fire, etc.) reasons.

  In order to provide you with better after-sales service and protect your rights and interests, Suzhou Shaukat Automation Equipment Co.

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