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Automatic baler SD-150

Technical features. 1、Adopting fully automatic design, which is more convenient to operate and use. 2、The maximum size of the bale is decided by the bow frame, and the bow frame can be customized according to the user's needs 3、Excellent baling tightness, less failure and easy maintenance. 4、Gentle baling action, excellent durability and perfect baling function. 5、Lift cover type panel, easy to maintain 6、New type electric heating device, fast heating and long life. 7、Single chip electric control, full function and easy to operate.
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Keywords: Packaging line Vacuum Packaging Machine Sealing and packing machine Heat shrink machine Customized packaging
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Product parameters


Product Model


Applicable power supply


Power Rating


Applicable strapping wide9-15mm,thickness 0.6-1.0mm
Bale speed


Bundling method Parallel 1-multi-channel, with manual, automatic continuous play, ball switch, foot switch
Frame size


Max. binding force


Table top height


Mechanical size

L1400 mm×W620 mm×H1435 mm

Machine weight


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Automatic standard type baler SD-150 does not need manual insertion of tape, the trigger method is divided into point action, manual, continuous hit, ball switch, foot switch, photoelectric induction switch, just press the switch can automatically complete the packing, convenient and quick, suitable for single machine mass production, such as with automatic conveyor belt, can realize unmanned automatic bale, greatly save manpower and reduce costs.

Scope of application:


Automatic baling machine for: widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical, clothing, postal and other industries, for carton packing, paper packing, parcel letter packing, medicine box packing, light industry packing, hardware tools packing, ceramic products packing, auto parts packing, daily chemical supplies packing, cultural and sports supplies packing, equipment packing and other automatic packing and tying of various sizes of goods.


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