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 Edge Sealing Machine SCA-5545TBC
Edge Sealing Machine SCA-5545TBC
◆ The sealing part of the horizontal knife adopts vertical drive, and the vertical knife adopts international advanced thermostatic side sealing knife, the sealing line is straight and firm, which can ensure the sealing and cutting line is in the middle of the product to achieve perfect sealing effect. ◆ Adopting thermostatic heating sealing and cutting system can be used to seal and cut various industrial standard shrink films such as POF. Packing of products with different sizes can be done by simply adjusting with the hand wheel, increasing reliability and making it easier to operate. ◆ Sustainability of the longitudinal sealing knife to do the sealing and cutting action, the product length is not limited. ◆ The machine adopts PLC programmable controller with safety protection and alarm device, and the sealing and cutting system can make sealing action continuously and smoothly without changing, so the maintenance operation is very easy. ◆ The feeding length control is combined with electric eye detection and timer to precisely control the length of the film, making the shrinkage effect easier to control. ◆ Two sets of electric eyes, horizontal and vertical, are added for easy switching, so that the sealing and wrapping operation can be completed easily for thin or small packages. ◆ Automatically winding the scrap, using a separate motor control, will not be too loose or too tight and pulled apart, the scrap is easy to disassemble. ◆ Automatic air blowing function can be added according to customer's needs. ◆ Front-end power feed line and back-end non-powered storage table are optional according to the needs.

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